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“Shop It Like It's Hot!”

Updated: Mar 25


TRAVERSE CITY, MICHIGAN -- Traverse City father, businessman and inveterate biker Andy Weir is the new owner of Brick Wheels, a 48-year old full service bike and ski shop located at 736 E. 8th Street, Traverse City. “Shop It Like It’s Hot” is a catchphrase of the organization since bikes and other outdoor gear, particularly in the wake of the Covid pandemic, is flying out of the store and replacement inventories are a top demand.

“It’s a lifelong dream,” said Weir. “The business has everything I could have wanted. Great customer service and loyal year-round customers. A reputation for customer solutions whether it be bikes, skis, service, repairs or touring recommendations. It’s a remarkable testimonial to the former owners and everyone who works here. We will be good caretakers of the business as we explore opportunities and partnerships to further support it.”

Venture North Funding and Development, a nonprofit commercial lender, worked with Weir to finance his acquisition of the business. “They were immensely supportive and easy to work with and the process from beginning to end could not have been smoother,” Weir said. “From day one they were focused on solutions and flexibility to make the deal work.”

“It was a delight to help Andy, the prior owner and the sustainability of Brick Wheels,” says Venture North president Laura Galbraith. “In the process, both the employees and culture of a great Traverse City business were preserved!”

Andy and spouse Alicia moved to Traverse City five years ago from Ann Arbor along with their three children that range in age from 7 to 12. They followed Alicia’s family that had already retired in the Traverse City area.

“We wanted to move here to be with family, connect with the community and make a difference,” said Weir. “We were looking for good schools, a strong natural resource ethic and access to the outdoors for all kinds of activities, including cycling.”

And Weir is determined to walk the talk.

He serves as Board president of Pathfinder School, an accredited independent school that is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit. Weir champions the school’s purpose as “A School Without Hallways, an Education Without Limits.” He is also a competitive bike road racer, having participated in races in Boulder Colorado, North Carolina and other national locations. All this while running a consulting business that examines the historical and archaeological impacts of proposed development to protect cultural resources. And now, Brick Wheels.

“It’s all work and, at times, a lot of it,” says Weir. “However, it all fits with our passions for work, play and place. I look forward to getting to know Brick Wheel’s customers and offer whatever reassurance is necessary that we are here to carry a well-worn torch.”

For more information, contact:

Andy Weir, Owner, Brick Wheels

Phone: 231-947-4274


Laura Galbraith, President,

Venture North Funding

Phone: 231-995-7110


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