Round Up: Five Businesses on how the Regional Resiliency Program has Supported Them During COVID

We are proud of the businesses that work with us. In this unprecedented year, we are doing everything we can to continue to support them. The Regional Resiliency Program grants are a tool to help local businesses continue their work, which in turn supports our community. These businesses are the backbone of the Northwest Michigan economy.

Great Lakes Chocolate & Dessert Co.

“We put everything we had in our entire life into this business to get it started,” Shana Sicotte said. The small funding opportunity “has really given us great hope that this is going to keep us going, keep us rolling as a business. It was our dream.”

– Shana Sicotte

Crystal Lake Alpaca Farm

“It also gives you a little faith back,” Nelson said. “It’s a mental thing. You’re struggling, all you’re getting is bad news, you’ve got bills, your stomach’s in knots … and then you get this and it’s a little bit of hope. It’s enough to take you to the next level.”

–Chris Nelson

Rove Estate Vineyard and Winery

"She said a $3,500 grant the Traverse City winery received is a 'big help' and it 'isn’t just about the money.' 'It’s a vote of confidence in us, like, don’t give up, we believe in you.'"

McKenzie Gallagher

Cultured Kombucha Co.

"She [Courtney Lorenz] said she received about $3,800 from the Resiliency Fund, money that’s helped the company pivot its taproom service and reopen to the community in a safe manner."

Leelanau Books

"Dealing with and adapting to the pandemic, Alflen said, the store hasn’t 'really missed a beat.' And that’s resonated with patrons. 'Families are just really grateful that they’re able to have a fairly normal experience with their kids,' she said.'" - Paula Alflen


As told to Amy Lane of the Traverse City Business News

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