• Kate Rose

Backcountry Dog Salon + Wiggle Butts N' Waggin Tails


Location: Cedar

1 Job Created

Sometimes community development is about making the right connections. When we met Eli and Brittney and learned they wanted to start a dog grooming business, we put them in touch with another of our clients, Wiggle Butts & Waggin’ Tails. Through a Venture North loan for startup costs and working capital and some assistance with legal and accounting, Backcountry Dog Salon was created.

Brittney says, “I saw the demand for a more unique and tailored grooming experience and believed that I could provide that to the area. The best part of starting this business has been the flexibility to set my own hours and be my own boss. Who wouldn’t like to be?”

Brittney learned quickly that it can take patience to get established as a small business owner, but the hustle has paid off. She plans to hire another groomer and a receptionist to help with the administrative side of the salon. “It never hurts to make sure all your bases are covered, and that is something that Venture North helped me with more than anything, and I am so grateful.”

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