Support Local Businesses, Grow Northern Michigan's 

Stormcloud Brewing Company

Venture North works with low to moderate income communities across the Grand Traverse region so that businesses have what they need to thrive, closing the gap so that entrepreneurs can

achieve their dreams.

By supporting the dreams of small business owners - we can grow the economy and build thriving communities. The problem is, the needs of small business owners sometimes go unmet by traditional financial institutions, meaning that great business ideas go unrealized and economic opportunity is only available to those who started out with the means.


Venture North works to make sure businesses have what they need to thrive. Whether it’s a loan to cover inventory, funding to purchase new equipment for a growing space, or a small loan to cover production supplies, we care about the success of rural small businesses.


We envision an economy that works for everyone. By investing in small business, we are creating jobs and helping companies retain employees so that our local economy is sustainable and resilient.

Will you join us?

"Venture North is critical for Northern Michigan because it encourages entrepreneurs to invest here, fuels more job creation and brings more talent to our beautiful region.”

- Paul Britten, President & CEO, Britten Industries Inc.

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